UN calls for immediate and verifiable ceasefire in Libya

United Nations Secretary General Ban ki Moon has called on the Libyan government to put in place an immediate and verifiable ceasefire.

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon

Speaking in Geneva, Mr Ban said attacks on civilians must also be halted to enable delivery of humanitarian aid.

He said it was regrettable that people’s demands for greater freedom and fundamental political change in parts of the Arab world have been met by repression and brutality.

Mr Ban urged leaders to respect human rights, promote inclusive dialogue and create an enabling environment for greater political participation and democracy.

“On Libya, yesterday evening I spoke again to Prime Minister Mr. Al Baghdadi Ali Al-Mahmoudi. I said there must be an immediate, verifiable ceasefire, negotiations towards a peaceful resolution of the conflict, and unimpeded access for humanitarian workers. He even suggested that the Libyan government was willing to have an immediate ceasefire with the monitoring team to be established by the United Nations and African Union. But first and foremost there should be an end to fighting in Misrata and elsewhere, then we will continue to provide humanitarian assistance and in parallel we can continue our political dialogue with the regime there.”

On Syria, Mr Ban said it was regrettable that a UN humanitarian assessment team has been blocked from entering the country despite repeated promises of unimpeded access.

The Secretary General reiterated his appeal to President Assad to heed calls for reform and freedom, and to desist from using excessive force on peaceful demonstrators.

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