Lethal force against protesters a violation of basic human rights

Human Rights CouncilThe brutal crackdown on anti government protests and opposition groups in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Syria is an outright disregard for basic human rights, according to the UN Human rights Chief Navi Pillay. Addressing the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, Ms Pillay said the use of lethal or excessive force against peaceful demonstrators also serves to exacerbate tensions and tends to breed a culture of violence. She said repression will not put an end to the aspirations of the people who are legitimately claiming their rights and demanding governments to protect and serve them rather than the exclusive interests of those governing.  

“The appropriate response is for the authorities to engage in a national inclusive dialogue to address protesters legitimate demands.  The promising first steps taken by some countries in addressing the calls for change, including the initiation of important reforms long promised are welcome and should further be encouraged. The focus however must remain on addressing the range of issues which brought people to the streets. ”

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The High Commissioner said governments in the Middle East must seek to end impunity, promote accountability and ensure that recent and past human rights abuses were addressed.

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