Help wanted: 350,000 midwives

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Maternal and perinatal health

Half a million young mothers from poor countries die every year while giving birth and most of these deaths are preventable. In the communities, midwives often provide essential care and support before, during and after childbirth. They can even save the mother and child’s lives when properly trained and equipped. To mark the International Day of the Midwife on May 5th, the World Health Organization is urging countries to invest in midwives in order to reduce maternal deaths and make pregnancy safer.

Justice for rape victims in the DRC

Woman in the DRC

Following years of violent sexual crimes against women of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the government with the technical and logistical support of the United Nations has decided to send a strong signal to the perpetrators: that no political or military leader is above the law. So far, five military courts have prosecuted and charged several Congolese army officers for ordering and carrying out mass rapes and other violations. Leila Zerrougui, the UN’s Deputy Special Representative for the Secretary General in the DRC, reflects on the reasons behind the prevalence and intensity of rape in the Congo.

Bolivian women to set up small businesses

Woman carrying a child in Bolivia

Bolivian women face many challenges including discrimination and exclusion. They are also vulnerable to drug traffickers because they are desperate for work. The landlocked country is one of the poorest and least developed countries in Latin America despite being rich in natural resources. A new project is being launched in Bolivia this month by the UN’s Office on Drugs and Crime or UNODC that will give women more economic opportunities.

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