African artists perform in honour of remembrance of slavery

African artists

African artists

On March 25th, the General Assembly Hall echoed with music when a gala concert was held in commemoration of the victims of the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

In this piece, produced by UN Radio’s Beng Poblete-Enriquez, you will hear excerpts of music from various African artists.

April Sutton, the youngest Inductee to the Broadcasters Hall of Fame and a former correspondent for BET, the Black Entertainment Television Network, hosted the event.

SFX: Drums:

SUTTON: Here we are. We salute and render integrity to the millions of African men, women and children who endured barbaric suffering, horrific torture and death in what is known as the transatlantic slave trade. Tonight we begin with the national ballet of Cameroon. Let’s give them a round of applause.

SFX: Applause- Chant

NARR: Drums! Drums from Cameroon! Drums from motherland brought to the United Nations, just like slaves were taken from Africa. Drums!

MUSIC: Drums.

NARR: Tell us about our history. Tell us about history. Tell us about Africa. Drums!

MUSIC: Drums. And Singing under narration

NARR: You always remain one but on this day of remembrance we pray the Lord and we ask our forefathers to free all of these drums if it will allow the international community to break the silence on slavery.

MUSIC: Singing and drumming

SUTTON: Tonight we would like you to journey with the sounds of Mali, West Africa. Kiro Abi is here.

MUSIC: Singing.

SUTTON: She is the Ambassador of Timbuktu and she is here to showcase the sounds of her native land.

MUSIC: Singing, backed by instrument.

SUTTON: As we salute our enslaved African ancestors we continue with the sounds of Africa, with a song and dance presentation from Equatorial Guinea, West Africa, a major trading post during the slave trade.

MUSIC: Song and fade and out

Duration: 3’22″

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