Tsunami results in unexpected benefits, says UN intern

Febi Orida

Febi Orida

On December 26, 2004, a devastating tsunami ravaged many coastal regions on the Indian Ocean. UN Radio intern Febri Orida is from Aceh, Indonesia, one of the worst hit areas. Febi, as she is affectionately known, tells Gerry Adams how the tsunami affected her and how in many ways helped open Aceh up to the outside world.

UNICEF helps educate adolescents in Pakistan

There are 1.2 billion adolescents around the world and the majority of them live in developing countries. They face a unique set of challenges ranging from climate change and rising unemployment to rapid urbanization. Over the years, international efforts have focused only on early childhood, so adolescents have often missed out receiving the help they need, for example, in accessing education. Febri Orida reports.

ILO says China and Thailand are role models for social protection programmes

What can some Asian nations learn from China and Thailand when it comes to universal health care coverage and government pension plans? A lot, according to the International Labour Organization, which has compiled a report about social protection programs around the world that work well for countries. Julie Walker reports.

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