Fleeing migrants stopped at Libyan border

Heavily armed pro-government forces in Libya are preventing migrants from crossing the border into Tunisia, according to United Nations agencies.

Migrants fleeing Libya

Migrants fleeing Libya

The number of migrants crossing the border is reported to have dropped significantly with only 2,000 people crossing on Thursday compared to between 10 and 15 thousand during the previous days.

UNHCR says those who managed to cross have reported being harassed and their personal belongings confiscated.

Melissa Fleming from UNHCR says aid agencies also have to deal with Libyans fleeing their country.

“Yesterday almost 600 Libyans came across on the Tunisian side of the border. We are trying to interview them to find out whether they are seeking asylum. Previously there were 4,000 Libyans who came across on each side of the borders. These were people who did not request assistance from us nor did they request asylum they seem to have connections in Egypt or Tunisia and we able to blend in, but we do expect that there will be Libyans coming across seeking asylum and they can’t be evacuated anywhere, they will need some help there.”

Meanwhile the World Health Organization is sending medical supplies to meet the health needs of 50,000 people and setting up a disease surveillance system.

The World Food Programme has sent 80 tons of emergency food supplies while UNICEF is setting up sanitation facilities and supply clean water to those stranded along the Libyan border.

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