Ensuring the sustainability of the sea for future generations



NARRATOR: Efforts to move forward with the recent General Assembly resolution declaring the Caribbean Sea a Special Area in the context of sustainable development got a boost this week when a delegation from the Association of Caribbean States met UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The delegation also met later with representatives of some 30 member States on the way forward in ensuring the sustainability of the Sea for future generations. Barbados’ Minister of Health Donville Innis is Chair of the Caribbean Sea Initiative which is part of the Association of Caribbean States.

TAPE: Our mission is principally to update you in terms of not just the resolution that’s been before you, but also on the work that we’ve been doing in the Caribbean Basin sea space area to have that area designated as a special area by the UN as we seek to better manage the resource of our ocean which is of tremendous importance to our economies and our citizens. Millions of our people depend on that space for economic well-being either through fishing the resources there as well as an area of transport as well as for tourism purposes as well.

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, Secretary-General of the Association of Caribbean States Ambassador Luis Fernando Andrade Fallah said that what links all 25 members of the Association of Caribbean States is the Caribbean Basin. He said the Association was built conceptually around this asset, but few years ago started to have a really meaningful and relevant importance for the 25 member States. And he added that in the last 20 years, the issue of climate change has moved from a scientific debate to a political debate..

TAPE: There is evidence without doubt of the deterioration of this asset which is the Caribbean Sea patrimony – evidence that is taking off to a trend of more deterioration, more pollution and this is one of the regions of the world more dependent on tourism per capita and dependent on fisheries. So this is a mater of viability to the future sustainable development, economic and social development. So based on these premises of vulnerability and dependency, we are promoting the resolution very strongly. 25 member States with a political endorsement. The challenge of bringing science to a political forum for policy makers is not very easy. The global debate is just an example. But fortunately, the last resolution reflects the advancement in terms of approving, endorsing a political governance structure to manage the Caribbean Sea as a common asset. It was not easy. It took years to reach a point of consensus.

NARRATOR: Ambassador Fallah said now they have the political endorsement, what is needed is to highlight the issue in the global debate and request some assistance. This is Donn Bobb reporting.

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