Decline in bees to hit global food production

Global food production is likely to decline in the coming years, unless efforts are put in place to stop the decline in the number of honeybees.

pollution is killing bees

pollution is killing bees

By pollinating flowers honey bees play a critical role in the food production cycle.

A study published by the United Nations Environment Programme, UNEP  says a combination of factors including parasites, loss of plant species, increased use of agro-chemicals and air pollution are some of the leading reasons for the mass death of bees.

Dr Peter Neumann from the Swiss Bee Research Centre who is among the authors of the study says more work needs to be done to understand the phenomenon.

“If you compare honey bees to any other animals used in agriculture there has been a notoriously underfunded filed. We are suffering from a lack of basic knowledge compared to people working on cow diseases which is amazing. We are starting almost from scratch the issue has never been taken seriously in the past.”

The study says the death of honey bee colonies has become a global phenomenon with the United States reporting losses of up to 30 percent while in Europe several countries have reported losses in excess of 20 per cent.

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