Tunisia emerging from decades of “denial of dignity”

Tunisia is emerging from decades of 'denial of dignity' according to the UN Human Rights office.

Protests in Tunisia

Protests in Tunisia

In a new report it has said there is high expectation among Tunisians that the new leadership will protect and respect their human rights.

It added the former President Ben Ali and his associates systematically denied Tunisians their economic and social rights as well as their civil and political rights.

The report was prepared by a team of Human Rights experts who visited the Tunisia after the recent riots.

Mona Rishmawi was part of the mission that visited Tunisia.

“Citizens in Tunisia expect today the state to work for them not against them. They expect the state to uphold their dignity, to adopt laws and policies and strategies that translate these words into tangible results. They expect transparent and inclusive processes that allow their voices to be heard and their views to be taken seriously. They expect public and inclusive debates and a responsible and accountable government that delivers of human rights and social justice. In other words the words that we came back with are participation accountability and justice and equity for all as the demands for the Tunisians today.”

The report is calling for judicial investigations into allegations of violations of human rights.

It also urges the new government to take immediate and concrete steps to redress disparities in standards of living.

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