Rape continues to be a problem in DRC

Illegal armed groups continue to prey on civilians in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, often using rape and other violence against the people there.

Roger Meece

Roger Meece

But Roger Meece, the Secretary-General’s Special Representative for the DRC says recent initiatives by the UN Mission (MONUSCO) have led to an improvement in the coordination of military activities with Congolese government forces.

He also says there’s been an increase in arrests of government soldiers and police accused of sexual abuse.

“I certainly do not want to assert that anyone should be sanguine. It is a appalling and ongoing situation, attached to the armed groups as well as abuses of others that requires a response to first of all essentially put the armed groups out of business. To end their threat that they pose to the civilians in the East. One that obviously the forces of MONUSCO and the government are engaged. On the side of any members of the armed forces or others who commit abuses it is clearly important to reinforce the capacity of military and civilian justice systems to put an end to impunity”

Meece briefed the Security Council Monday on ongoing operations in the DRC.

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