Kenyan kidz solidarity: a song for Haiti

Wafalme Kidz

Wafalme Kidz

As Haiti continues to recover from the Earthquake in early 2010, four million children are still suffering from limited access to basic needs. But they are not alone; a hip hop group from a different continent felt their pain and wrote a song to show their solidarity. UN Radio’s Febri Orida reports.

Sfx kidz 4 kidz song

NARRATOR: That is a song called “kidz 4 kidz” written and performed by the Wafalme Kidz, a hip hop group from the slums of Nairobi. The song is dedicated to children in Haiti following the earthquake in early 2010.

Dickson Oyugi, Mary Nzomo and Gilbert Okuzi are three of the children who make up Wafalme Kidz. They believe that this song brings hope to the thousands of children who are displaced and orphaned.

Sfx song

NARRATOR: Gilbert Okuzi relates to the children in Haiti:

“We decided to make this song because of the children who are orphans there like me. Me first I’m an orphan and I would like to encourage the children there who are orphans to see that they have hope in life to forget about the past and focus about the present.”

NARRATOR: Mary Nzomo says that solidarity between children across the world is important:

“If they see the song they will understand there are some people somewhere who care about them. So if they see that song they will have hopes to go on with their lives.”

NARRATOR: Although there are no exact figures as to how many of Haiti’s children were orphaned during the earthquake, UNICEF reports that the country’s four million children continue to suffer from lack of access to basic water, sanitation, healthcare, and education services. They are also in need for protection from disease, exploitation, and unsanitary conditions.

Like many children in Haiti today, the Wafalme Kidz live in a slum and share the same living condition. Gilbert Okuzi says that it is music that helps to sustain them:

“Music is the one that pays my school fees, pay my rent, nothing without it.”

NARRATOR: Now they want the children in Haiti to also benefit from their music.

The song was released in an attempt to generate some much-needed funds for reconstruction projects directly benefiting children in Haiti.

This hip hop group shows that age and geographical boundaries do not stop them from helping others in needs.

Sfx kidz for kidz song fading

duration: 2’36″

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