Humanitarian police in C.A.R. protect women

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African women

As part of an effort to combat violence against women, the UN has set up a special force, the Détachement Intégré de Sécurité or humanitarian police, specially trained by MINURCAT to protect refugees, internally displaced persons and humanitarians. Rima Salah just got back from Africa, where she was the Deputy Special Representative for the UN Mission in Central African Republic. Julie Walker spoke with her about the situation facing women and asked her about this new police force.

A safe haven opens for Congo women

City of Joy

Up to 200,000 women have been raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo in the last 12 years. Eastern DRC, the hub for armed groups operating in the country, has been the scene of the worst violence against women. Rape in particular, has been used as a weapon of war, ravaging the lives of thousands of Congolese girls and women. Eve Ensler, founder of V-day, a movement to fight violence against women has teamed up with the UN and other local partners to create a safe haven for women. Jocelyne Sambira reports.

The Welfare Effects of Widowhood in a Poor Country

Women in Mali

Life can be extremely difficult for widows in Africa and in most developing countries. When their husbands die, they are often left alone and penniless to take care of their children or forced to remarry to survive. The World Bank’s Dominique van de Walle did an extensive survey on the plight of widows in Mali, “Welfare Effects of Widowhood in a Poor Country,” and she speaks with Goerges Collinet about this topic.

Source: The World Bank

Presenter: Julie Walker
Duration: 10’00″  

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