Harmful use of alcohol on the rise worldwide

The harmful use of alcohol is causing more deaths globally compared to HIVAIDS, violence or Tuberculosis, according to the World Health Organization.

Harnful use of alcohol

Harmful use of alcohol

In its Global Report on Alcohol and Health, WHO says harmful use of alcohol is growing among the younger generation and is a leading risk factor for death in men due to injuries, violence and cardiovascular disease.

Dr Shekhar Saxena from WHO says although alcohol is associated with serious social issues such including violence, child neglect and abuse and absenteeism in the work place, it remains a low priority issue among most governments.

“From WHO’s perspective no drinking is entirely safe. Every drink that one consumes can potentially lead to harm so we do not have a safe drinking limit. But we are aware that many countries have some kind of guidance on how much can be drunk without substantial harm. But we would like to really point out that it depends on what you take how much you take and in what circumstances you take and in fact who takes it, that decides the harms because of alcohol.”

With an estimated 2.5 million people are dying annually as a result of the harmful use of alcohol, WHO is calling for wider implementation of policies to save lives.

These include raising taxation of alcohol, limiting outlets that sell alcohol, raising age limits for those buying and using effective drink drive measures.

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