Eliminating tetanus in Laos

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Immunization campaign

In Laos, one of Asia’s poorest countries, a two-year campaign to eliminate tetanus is underway. It’s part of a broader government effort to improve the health of people in the country and remove yet another risk that may hamper the future of children in Laos. UN Radio’s Febri Orida reports.

The impact of the Pakistani floods six months later

old man rescued in Sri Lanka floods

Pakistani floods

It has been just over six months since the devastating floods in Pakistan which caused major destruction, took place. The heavy rains washed away crops, submerged and destroyed villages and caused an estimated 1,700 deaths. Twenty million people were affected by the disaster, losing their homes and livelihoods. Now the country is trying to rebuild and regroup, but as UN Radio’s Julie Walker reports, it’s not easy.

Security Council discusses dispute between Thailand and Cambodia

Security Council

The UN Security Council has urged Thailand and Cambodia to exercise restraint following a border dispute that led to clashes between the two countries. It also urged the South-East Asian neighbours to establish a permanent ceasefire.

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