Call for an end to violence and bloodshed in Egypt

The United Nations is calling for a transparent and impartial investigation into the violent clashes witnessed on the streets of Cairo, Egypt.

 Demonstrators in Egypt

Demonstrators in Egypt

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said those behind the chaos must be exposed.

Ms Pillay also condemned the assault, intimidation and arrest of journalists and human rights defenders, saying it was a blatant and futile attempt to stifle news of what was going on in Egypt.

She called for the immediate release of more than 20 local and international human rights defenders arrested and detained by the military police in Egypt.

“Egypt must implement its international human rights obligations and prevent further violence. Protestors must be properly protected, including from each other. The security and intelligence forces must be held accountable. Change is coming to Egypt, as it came to Tunisia, but the violence and bloodshed must stop now. Governments should listen to their people, and start addressing their human rights deficits immediately. We now see there is an intense hunger for human rights in the Middle East and North Africa – and of course in other countries in other regions. Governments, who ignore these extremely loud and clear warning signals, are doing so at their own peril.”

The High Commissioner said she will support the convening of a special session by the UN Human Rights Council to discuss the situation in Egypt.

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