"Barefoot" grandmas electrify entire villages

barefoot grandmas

barefoot grandmas

Grandmothers in Tilonia, a rural village in India are busy building and repairing solar lanterns, electrifying entire villages. What is even more surprising is that these women are illiterate. They don’t know to read or write and yet, they get the job done. These grandmothers are being trained for six months at the Barefoot College in India. Bunker Roy, the founder spoke to UN Radio about the “barefoot” concept.

Pakistan floods open door to girls’ education

In rural Pakistan, many parents were reluctant to send their daughters to school because it was seen as going against local culture. But since last year’s floods ravaged the country, there seems to be a shift in what those parents are now allowing their daughters to do.

Source: UNICEF

International Mother Language Day observed

Saving the world’s linguistic diversity is an imperative for the UN’s Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization, UNESCO. Preserving the mother tongue is important in a community to safeguard their identity and promote it, especially in this era of globalization. Derrick Mbatha spoke to Dr. Matthias Brenzinger, a linguist based in Gaborone, Botswana about the importance of mother tongue.

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