UNICEF: Haiti on the long road from relief to recovery.

Haiti's 4 million plus children are still suffering from the lingering impact of the January 2010 earthquake, lacking access to clean water, health care and education, according to the UN Children's fund UNICEF.

Haiti children

Haiti children

Close to half a million children are still living in crowded camps in the earthquake zone where they are unable to fully enjoy their right to survival, health, education, and protection.

UNICEF however says the recovery phase in Haiti is beginning to take shape, but it could take years.

UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva Marixie Mercado says since the earthquake, close to 2 million children have been vaccinated against key preventable diseases, over 50,000 mothers have been educated on how to prevent childhood malnutrition and over 720,000 children have been able to resume schooling in Haiti.

“If there is one message UNICEF wants to convey, it is that the international response to humanitarian emergencies are never perfect and Haiti is no an exception. But this response has saved lives and improved many more. This year has made it very clear that the crisis is far from over and UNICEF and our partners are determined to work harder than ever to reach and assist the most vulnerable children and women.”

UNICEF says some 50,000 children being cared for in temporary homes after being separated from their families during the earthquake.

About 1,300 children have been reunited with their families.

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