Ouattara to Gbagbo: You have "lost these elections"

 Alasanne Ouattara

Alasanne Ouattara

As tension continues in Côte d’Ivoire following a stalemate over presidential elections, calls have intensified for the incumbent, Laurent Gbagbo, to step down. Alasanne Ouattara is widely thought to have won the elections in the West African country in November. Gerry Adams reports:

Narrator: Speaking to United Nations Radio, Alassane Ouattara has called on Laurent Gbagbo to respect the ballot box results which show that he lost the election. Allasane Ouattara said he wants a peaceful solution to the political stalemate:

Ouattara: The election was the way out of the crisis we all accepted. It has taken place and the results are clear. So it is important that we, key players that we are, submit ourselves to the verdict of the ballot boxes.

Narrator: Mr. Outarra pointed out that another presidential candidate, former President Aime Bedie, accepted the fact that he had not received enough votes to be included in a second round of voting. He encouraged Laurant Gbagbo to follow President Bedie’s lead:

Ouattara: Laurent Gbagbo should be as magnanimous. He has lost these elections. The fact that the Constitutional Council intervenes giving numbers which reflect neither the law nor the truth, should not allow him to hold on to power.”

Narrator: Mr. Ouattara said instability in the country following the disputed results has led to widespread violence:

Ouattara: “As you know, in the past weeks citizens have been tracked down by foreign militia and mercenaries. Many people have been murdered. Women have been raped. We have discovered mass graves and I have asked the Army to protect the citizens.

Narrator: On Wednesday, the UN peacekeeping chief Alain LeRoy briefed the Security Council following his recent visit to Côte d’Ivoire. He said that in light of the ethnic strife taking place in western parts of the country, the UN Secretariat intended to request that an additional one to two thousand troops from the UN mission in Liberia be redeployed to Côte d’Ivoire.   The Mission, he continued, is also doing its best to protect all civilians, irrespective of their political affiliations.

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