Human Rights Council urged to be impartial and fair

The Human Rights Council has been urged to be impartial and fair in its examination of human rights situations in member states.

Human Rights Council

Human Rights Council

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, said bias or special interests have no place in the work of the council.

Mr Ban said the council cannot afford to be selective in promoting human rights adding that the full spectrum of rights including civil, cultural, economic, social and political must be addressed with equal force.

Mr Ban was addressing the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

“If this Council is to deliver on the promise of its founding, you must go beyond narrow considerations. Let us be frank. This body has come under criticism from various quarters. For this Human Rights Council to fulfill its mandate, it must be seen as impartial and fair. It cannot be seen as a place ruled by bias or special interests. It cannot be a place that targets some countries, yet ignores others. It cannot be a place where some members overlook the human rights violations of others so as to avoid scrutiny themselves. That is why the Human Rights Commission was discredited.”

The Secretary General urged the council to stand up against all forms human rights violations including, discrimination, racism, intolerance, rape and gender based violence.

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