Disarmament Group must “resume serious disarmament negotiations”

The United States is calling on members of a disarmament group to resume what it has called "serious disarmament negotiations".

Conference on Disarmament

The Conference on Disarmament is a forum bringing together 65 member states including all known nuclear-weapon states to negotiate multilateral arms control and disarmament agreements.

Patrick Maigua reports from Geneva.

The Conference on Disarmament has not negotiated an arms control deal since 1996.

Over the past one year the conference’s programme of work has remained in limbo following objections raised by Pakistan.

Addressing the conference, United States Assistant Secretary of State Rose Gottemoeller said there was no good reason for stagnation in global arms control.

“After all of  the progress that has been achieved on arms control disarmament and non proliferation in the last two years, we must look forward and move with purpose especially in this the most important international arms control forum. And no country should feel it necessary to abuse the consensus principle and frustrate everyone’s desire to resume serious disarmament efforts and negotiations. Time is running out. If we cannot find ways to resume these negotiations in the conference on disarmament then we will need to consider other options.”

UN Secretary General Ban Ki moon has warned that failure to resume negotiations on global arms control increases the risk of the weapons falling in the hands of terrorist groups.

Patrick Maigua at the United Nations.

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