Ban Ki-moon outlines the UN’s priorities for 2011

Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon

The UN Secretary-General has been outlining the goals of the organization for the coming year. In a wide ranging address to journalists in New York, he said the over-riding goal was to build on the progress that the UN has made in 2010. Jocelyne Sambira has compiled this report.

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SG: If 2010 was a challenging year for the UN, 2011 is even more so.

NARR: That was the UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon, setting the tone for a press conference held at the UN headquarters in New York. In his address, he focused on three issues of “immediate concern” to the organization. On top of his list was Côte d’Ivoire. The political stalement continues in the country following a presidential run off poll held in November 28. The UN maintains that the outcome reflects the will of the Ivorian people.

SG: The facts on the ground are indisputable…. must stand aside.

NARR: The UN Chief has consistently warned against further attacks by armed militia loyal to the incumbent President Laurent Gbagbo against civilians and UN peacekeepers. He sent out this warning to the perpetrators.

SG: Let me be perfectly clear, attacks on ….ICC has declared its intention to open an investigation.

NARR: Sudan was next on his list of priorities. Mr. Ban commended the smooth running of the self-determination vote in South Sudan, as well as the high voter turnout. But he also pointed out that there were still many challenges ahead.  The oil rich region of Abyei, on the border of North and South Sudan is a potential flashpoint that he was closely following.

SG: The situation in Abyei is of concern…. on the status of Abyei as soon as possible.

NARR: And last but not least, Haiti. As the world marks the anniversary of the earthquake, the Secretary-General says the international community still has a lot to do.

SG: The road ahead will be long and hard. Reconstruction has been slow. International aid and investment has not come as quickly as needed. 

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