Food aid suspended after Pakistan suicide bombing

Mkoa wa Sindh, Pakistan

Food distribution in Pakistan

Distributions of food aid in the north-west of Pakistan have been suspended by the UN’s World Food Programme or WFP, following a suicide bomb attack. Forty-five people were killed in Khar town in the Bajaur area on (Saturday-25th December) when the bomber struck around 600 metres from a WFP distribution point. The region is close to the Afghan border. The fundamentalist Taliban radical group said it carried out the bombing. Daniel Dickinson asked the WFP’s Amjad Jamal about the current situation.

Empowering female migrant workers from South Asia

Nahar Alam

Despite having lost everything – her home and her family- Nahar Alam is passionate about defending female migrant workers. She moved to the US from her native land, Bangladesh, to escape a life of domestic abuse. With no money, no family and no knowledge of English, she was mistreated and exploited but this time as a domestic worker. Determined to change her situation, she went back to school and volunteered at a non-profit organization promoting migrant workers’ rights. Nowadays, Nahar works a community health worker and human rights defender in her free time. She spoke to UN Radio’s Jocelyne Sambira about what life was like before.

New classrooms give girls a better education in Afghanistan

girls education in Afghanistan

girls education in Afghanistan

One thousand new classrooms which are being built in the Afghan capital, Kabul, are expected to give girls a better chance to excel at school. The $24 million dollar programme is expected to contribute to the regeneration of Afghanistan following years of insecurity. Under the former Taliban government, girls were banned from going to school. Daniel Dickinson reports

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