Mongolians protect livestock from freezing winters

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Livestock in Mongolia

Since early January there has been continuous and heavy snowfall, blizzards in Mongolia with sharp falls in temperatures. This disaster has already caused the loss of around 3% of the country’s 44 million livestock. But the World Bank is helping Mongolian herders soften the blow and those affected through a pilot project.

Building bridges through Hinduism.

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With roots in Asia and going back 5,000 years, Hinduism is one of the world’s oldest existing religions. Its core principles are based on tolerance, pluralism and peaceful coexistence. However, Sheetal Shah says the Hindu philosophy is hugely misrepresented by the media and as an exotic religion that worships multiple Gods, some in the form of monkeys and others with multiple heads. She is working hard through the Hindu American Foundation which she heads, to break the stereotypes.

Climate migrants in Papua New Guinea Islands speak out.

small island


Ursula Rakova comes from the Carterets, a series of tiny islands found 86 kilometres to the north east of mainland Papua New Guinea. The people of Carteret Islands are the world’s first climate change refugees. Rising sea levels have cut one of the small islands in half. Vegetable gardens and drinking water supplies have been contaminated by sea water. Rakova’s work involves relocating people from the island to the mainland and to help them make a new life for themselves. At a meeting on Women and Climate Change at the UN headquarters in September last year, she gave a heart wrenching testimony to plead the case of her people.

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