Envoy urges Nepal's political parties to resolve their impasse

Karin Landgren

In a recent address to the Security Council, Karin Landgren, the representative of the UN Secretary-General in Nepal, urged that country’s political parties to break their months’ long deadlock and make the most of the weeks before the mandate for the UN mission in the country expires in January. In November 2006, the government and Maoists signed the Comprehensive Peace Agreement which brought an end to a decade of civil war. But Landgren told the Council that Nepal’s peace process has faced a loss in momentum over the past months.

Street theatre groups educate Indian villagers about child labour

child labour

The causes of child labour are many: social, economic, cultural, and political factors all play a role. But perhaps the best way to help people understand and do something about the plague of child labour is to reach out to them on their own terms, using stories taken from real life. In this report from the International Labour Organization (ILO), a unique approach is having remarkable results, and it is playing out on the streets of hundreds of villages in India.

How a UN business coalition could encourage economic growth in Asia

The Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information at the United Nations, speaking recently to advertisers in Asia, said the continent is facing challenging times. UN Radio’s Gerry Adams sat down with Kiyo Akasaka on his return to New York. He says that because Asia is so politically, socially and culturally diverse, it is hard to characterize as a single entity.

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