Disarmament highlighted by many in general debate

Last week saw renewed momentum on nuclear non-proliferation at the United Nations. Nearly every speaker in the high-level debate in the General Assembly mentioned the nuclear issue from their country’s perspective. India’s Minister for External Affairs, S. M. Krishna pointed to his country’s many initiatives on nuclear disarmament including a proposed treaty to ban the production and stockpiling of nuclear weapons and leading to their total elimination within a given time frame.

UN Climate Change Talks in Bangkok pick up pace

The latest round of United Nations climate change talks in Bangkok opened on Monday, taking place in an atmosphere of renewed engagement. The Bangkok talks were preceded earlier this week by a UN Climate Change Summit in New York convened by the UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon. Speaking to UN Radio’s Liling Huang from Bangkok, John Hay, of the UN’s lead agency on Climate Change, says these negotiations are crucial to laying the foundation for the Copenhagen conference.

Palau’s waters become first global sanctuary for sharks

The waters of the South Pacific Island nation of Palau have now become the first shark sanctuary in the world. Palau’s President Johnson Toribiong made this historic announcement at a press conference, during the General Assembly debate in New York, setting an example for the rest of the world. The recent rage for shark fin soup in Asia, has triggered the hunt for the world’s oldest marine species and is threatening its very existence. In addition, shark finning is a brutal and cruel practice, as described by President Toribiong of Palau.

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