UNICEF reports dramatic drops in child deaths

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children in Afghanistan

Fewer children are dying before the age of 5 in the developing world, according to a report released by UNICEF this week. However, 90% of infant deaths still occur in Sub Saharan African and Asia, especially those plagued by conflict and HIV/AIDS. Renee Van de Weert talks about these trouble spots to our colleague Nick Baker.

WHO responds to Philippines crisis.

child in the Philippines

Battered by conflict and flooding, hundreds and thousands of people in the Philippines have been displaced and face multiple health risks. Veronica Riemer looks at how WHO health workers in the field respond to the enormous challenges they face.

UN pushes for a Marshall Plan to save the planet.

carbon emissions

Scientists have identified industrialized nations as responsible for the rising carbon emissions in the atmosphere. However, emerging market economies like China and India are following closely behind. Their energy use and carbon emissions are expected to triple in the next two decades. This has stirred a heated debate between rich and poor nations over who should shoulder responsibility for cutting emissions. Rob Vos, Director at the UN Economic Development Agency, believes a fair deal needs to be negotiated to make burden sharing acceptable to developing countries in general.

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