Civilians in Pakistan are short of everything

The situation in North West Pakistan is still unstable. A recent report from the International Committee of the Red Cross, ICRC said civilians in Swat have been mostly confined to their homes and are short of everything. So far, it is the only humanitarian organization operating in that area. ICRC’s Simon Schorno recently described to UN Radio’s Gerry Adams what he saw on his visit.

Combating HIV/AIDS on the big screen in China

UNAIDS update; AIDS; SIDA UNAIDSIt’s the biggest movement of people in history. According to official estimates some 200 million people in China are migrant workers – that is about 15 per cent of the country’s population. And what is more they are amongst the most vulnerable to contracting HIV/AIDS. The International Labour Organization, ILO, prepared this report.

Indian Sanitation Innovator and Social Reformer, Dr. Pathak speaks about his work

Dr. Pathak began the Sulabh Movement in the 1970s to improve the lives of women and to realize Mahatma Gandhi's dream of a better life for the class of people known as untouchables whose job it was to clean toilets. It all started with Mahatma Ghandi’s dream of freeing the lowest caste in India called the Untouchables. One of their jobs in society is to clean and carry human waste to earn a living. Dr. Bindeshwar Pathak, renowned sociologist and founder of the Sulabh Sanitation Movement in India, pursued that dream and set out to find alternatives to scavenging of human waste, as well as restoring the dignity and humanity of those people. Today, he is being celebrated around the world for his work and talks to UN Radio about his achievements.

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