Humanitarian emergency in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka: fuga de civis

woman in a refugee camp in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka, fighting between government forces and Tamil Tiger rebels has left hundreds of civilians dead or injured. The United Nations and the Red Cross have warned this week that at least 250,000 people are trapped by the fighting and in need of urgent humanitarian assistance. On Thursday, after being held up for 3 days, a UN convoy in Sri Lanka managed to evacuate hundreds of wounded civilians, including 50 children, who were caught in the fighting in the Vanni region in the north of the country.

Civil society and the responsibility to protect civilians

children affected by war in Gaza

children affected by war in Gaza

The humanitarian crisis unfolding in Sri Lanka is just one example of a situation where the world can rightly ask what responsibility it has towards the civilians there. In 2005, as part of his broad programme to reform the United Nations organization, the then UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan outlined the norm, or notion, of the responsibility to protect.

World Social Forum in Brazil

 Russian Radio

world economy

While heads of state and financial titans gather at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, a parallel summit is taking place in Belem, Brazil. The World Social Forum draws together social activists. Minar Pimple, the Deputy Director of the UN Millennium Campaign, told me the Forum’s key message is “another world is possible”.

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