Landmines laid during conflicts decades ago continue to destroy lives

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Landmines laid during conflicts decades ago continue to destroy lives today by maiming and even killing civilians who accidentally set them off during everyday activities such as playing or working in fields. Recently, nations party to an anti-landmine met in Geneva, Switzerland, to assess progress since the Treaty's implementation in December 1997.

UNESCO suggests ways to reduce gender inequalities in education

Education for All is a global movement led by UNESCO, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, which aims to meet the learning needs of all children, youth and adults by 2015. Toward that goal, the Education for All Global Monitoring Report is a yearly assessment on what progress is being made. With just seven years to go before the targeted 2015, Kevin Watkins, Director of the Global Monitoring Report, says there is good news and bad news:

The International Monetary Fund, the IMF, focuses on the financial crisis of Asia.

Asian economists figured it would happen sooner or later – that is, that the financial crisis would take its toll on Asian economies. Today, despite Asia's strong fundamentals, notably a substantial cushion in external reserves and robust corporate and banking sectors, the region is being buffeted by large external shocks, says Jerald Schiff, Senior Advisor at the International Monetary Fund.

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