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Civilians continue to be in line of fire in Syria

Security Council Chamber.  UN Photo/Mark Garten

The call to end indiscriminate employment of weapons in populated areas of Syria has continued to be ignored, according…

28 Jan 2015 / Listen /

Holocaust victims remembered at UN

UN Photo

Racism and discrimination at any level should not be tolerated because it can be a foundation for atrocities. That's…

28 Jan 2015 / Listen /

"Intensify surveillance" to beat Ebola says new health chief

Ebola treatment centre in Maghuraka, Sierra Leone. Photo: UNMEER/Martine Perret

The surveillance of outbreaks of the Ebola disease in West Africa needs to be intensified if the deadly virus…

28 Jan 2015 / Listen /

Farmers in Malawi in urgent need of help after heavy flooding

Malawi floods.  WFP/Steve Khuleya

Devastating floods in Malawi have left thousands of farmers without crops and livestock according to the UN Food and…

28 Jan 2015 / Listen /
Child soldiers in South Sudan released from army Gas car supporters manoeuvre into global energy debate El Salvador promotes human rights for LGBTI community Civilians in Ukraine recovering after rocket attack Stability maintained across Israel/Lebanon "Blue Line" Musicians support efforts to end violence against women Asia-Pacific faces challenge of reducing poverty: UNDP Hunger kills more people than conflicts: FAO chief The toll of "dirty energy" on humans Theatrical fight against domestic violence in Nicaragua New campaign aims to galvanize support for women's empowerment Small farmers feed people on earth and in outer space Rome meeting focuses on inland fisheries Iceland champions gender equality at the UN Anti-Semitism under spotlight at the United Nations
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Charles Boyer addressing audience at the Civic Center, 30 April, at rally sponsored by the Free World Association and Americans United.
30 April 1945.  UN Photo/Eastman

Peace on Earth

Actor Charles Boyer discusses the cruelties of war, highlighting the urgency for peace in troubled areas such as Korea, India, Iraq, Germany and Syria, and giving a voice to soldiers…

24 Dec 2014 / Listen /

1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving

UN Photo

The United Nations celebrates the 1996 Declaration of World Thanksgiving, marking the first time every country in the General Assembly unanimously voted…

4 Nov 2014 / Listen /
The War on Flu