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Lavrov, Sergey Viktorovich

(Russia, 1950 – ) Minister of Foreign Affairs, Russia; Diplomat Sergey Lavrov served as President of the Untied Nations Security Council seven times throughout his diplomatic career. His terms as President include December 1995, June 1997, July 1998, October 1999, December 2000, April 2002 and June 2003. This, in addition to Russia's permanent position in the Council, gave Mr. Lavrov an intimate knowledge of how [...]

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Jarring, Gunnar

(Sweden, 1907 – 2002) Diplomat, Turkologist Mr. Gunnar Jarring was appointed as Sweden's Permanent Representative to the United Nations in 1956. He had previously served in several diplomatic posts with the Swedish Foreign Service, including in Teheran, Baghdad and Addis Ababa and as Swedish Minister to India. He represented Sweden in the Security Council in 1957 and 1958, while [...]

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Gross, Ernest

(United States, 1906-1999) Diplomat Mr. Ernest Gross began his appointment as the United States deputy delegate to the United Nations in 1949. Two months later, Mr. Gross became acting head after the chief delegate, Warren Austin, took a leave of absence. Mr. Gross represented the United States on United Nations Security Council Resolution 82, which condemned North Korea at the onset of the Korean War. In 1950, [...]

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El-Farra, Muhammad

(Jordan) Diplomat Muhammad el-Farra was the Jordanian Ambassador to the United Nations from 1965 to 1971, and served as President of the Security Council in March 1966. Before his time at the United Nations Mr. el-Farra studied law at Suffolk University. He first became a member of the Jordan Delegation to the United Nations in 1958, representing Jordan in the Security Council, Economic and [...]

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