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Gross, Ernest

(United States, 1906-1999) Diplomat Mr. Ernest Gross began his appointment as the United States deputy delegate to the United Nations in 1949. Two months later, Mr. Gross became acting head after the chief delegate, Warren Austin, took a leave of absence. Mr. Gross represented the United States on United Nations Security Council Resolution 82, which condemned North Korea at the onset of the Korean War. In 1950, [...]

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Bancroft, Harding

(United States of America, 1911 – 1992) Diplomat, Lawyer, Journalist After serving with the Office of Price Administration during World War II, Harding Bancroft was assigned to a position in the United States State Department Bureau of United Nations Affairs in 1945. In 1951, President Harry S. Truman appointed him as deputy United States representative to the United Nations Collective Measures Committee. He served in that capacity as [...]

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