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Tueni, Ghassan

(Lebanon, 1926 – 2012) Diplomat, Journalist, Politician Mr. Ghassan Tueni was appointed Permanent Representative of Lebanon to the United Nations in 1977 and held this post until 1982. Ambassador Tueni was active in Lebanese politics, he started his political career in 1951 and held several legislative and cabinet positions. He had a long career in journalism, including as a [...]

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Guaccio, Aldo

(Italy) Armed Forces Lieutenant-Colonel Aldo Guaccio began his career in 1971 as an army aviation pilot and became the commanding officer of several battalions of tanks and helicopters. In 1995, he was assigned to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). In this role he served as the commanding officer of Italair, the Italian squadron working for [...]

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Goksel, Timur

(Turkey, 1945 – ) International Civil Servant, Educator Mr. Timur Goksel served as Press Information Officer/Spokesman of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 1979. In 1995 he became a Senior Adviser of UNIFIL, where he conducted lectures, seminars and workshops for diplomats and military officials on public information, communication policies in peacekeeping, theory and practice [...]

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