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Kidron, Mordecai

(Israel) Diplomat Mordecai Kidron served as the Deputy Head of the Israeli Permanent Delegation to the United Nations from 1953 to 1958. He was at the United Nations Headquarters in New York during the onset of the 1956 Suez Crisis and witnessed how the peace and security atmosphere rapidly changed. Following his time at the United Nations, Mr. Kidron served in [...]

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Guyer, Roberto

(Argentina) Diplomat, Former Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs Dr. Roberto Guyer became the Under-Secretary for Special Political Affairs of the United Nations in 1971 and was appointed the Secretary-General's Representative for Peace Negotiations in the Middle East from 1971 to 1978. After receiving his doctorate in Law and Social Science, Dr. Guyer held many diplomatic positions in the Argentine Foreign [...]

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Gladwyn Jebb, Hubert Miles

(Great Britain, 1900 – 1996) Diplomat, Civil Servant Lord Gladwyn was made a Counsellor within the Foreign Office of Great Britain in 1943. It was in this position that he attended numerous international conferences, including the Yalta Conference, the Conference at Dumbarton Oaks and the Conference on International Organization in San Francisco—which ultimately led to the birth of the [...]

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Liu, F. T.

(China, 1919-2001) Civil Servant Before joining the United Nations in 1949 and working with Dr. Ralph Bunche in the Trusteeship Division, F. T. Liu worked for two years with the Chinese Embassy in Paris. In 1960, he moved with Dr. Bunche to the Office of Special Political Affairs, where he planned and organized peacekeeping operations. From 1963 to 1964, [...]

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Linnér, Sture

(Sweden, 1917 – 2010) International Civil Servant, Educator After working at various management positions at major Swedish international companies, Sture Linnér's knowledge of international affairs made him an optimal candidate to head the United Nations civilian operations in Congo in the eyes of Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld. In 1960, Mr. Linnér became Chief of the United Nations [...]

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Lind, Per

(Sweden) Diplomat Per Lind was assigned to the Council of Europe affairs in the Sweden's Foreign Ministry in 1951, where he worked under and got to know Dag Hammarsköld. When Hammarsköld was elected to be Secretary‑General of the United Nations in 1953, he asked Mr. Lind to come with him to New York as his personal assistant. [...]

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Lall, Arthur Samuel

(India, 1911 – 1998) Diplomat, Scholar, Author, Professor In the 1950s, Arthur Lall became the Indian Consul General and its Permanent Representative to the United Nations. As diplomat, he was able to help the newly independent India come to the forefront of international affairs. An activist against the use of nuclear weapons, Mr. Lall represented India [...]

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Åström, Sverker

(Sweden, 1915 – ) Diplomat Sverker Åström started his career in foreign service as an attaché at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. He served in the Swedish Mission, first to the Soviet Union and then in Kuybyshev from 1940 to 1943. He became secretary of legation at the Swedish embassy in Washington, D.C in 1946. He [...]

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Frederick, Pauline

(United States of America, 1906 – 1990) Journalist, Television News Correspondent Considered as a pioneer in American broadcasting, Pauline Frederick has covered the Nüremberg trials of Nazi war criminals, China's admission to the United Nations and the Korean War.  Ms. Frederick began covering the United Nations for the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) at its birth in [...]

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