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Interview with: Geoerge J. Tomeh

16 March 1998 Pt. 1 (46: 23)
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16 March 1998 Pt. 2 (46: 22)
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16 March 1998 Pt. 3 (48: 52)
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(Syria, 1922 – 2004)

Dr. George Tomeh was appointed Permanent Representative of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations in 1965. During his time as a delegate to the United Nations, which started in 1945, Dr. Tomeh participated in committees dealing with a wide range of subjects, from decolonization to multilateral action apartheid. Dr. Tomeh served as President of the Security Council in November 1970. He also served as Consul General of the United Arab Republic (made up of Syria and Egypt) in New York for a period of time. He became the Minister of Economics of Syria in 1964.

In this interview, conducted on 16 March 1998, Dr. Tomeh discussed the involvement of Syria in the first meetings of the United Nations, the Trusteeship Council and the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.


Posted in Israel-Arab War (1967), Syria

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