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Interview with: Enrique Ros

01 November 1990 Pt. 1 (31: 38)
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01 November 1990 Pt. 2 (31: 40)
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01 November 1990 Pt. 3 (6: 46)
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Mr. Enrique Ros was the Vice-Minister of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs who led the Argentine side in the diplomatic efforts of United Nations to solve the crisis that followed Argentine army's seizure of The Falkland Islands/Las Malvinas on 2 April 1982.

In this interview, conducted on 1 November 1990, Mr. Ros discussed the negotiations between Argentina and the United Kingdom, the failed proposal of the United States to prevent war, and the role the United Nations and Secretary-General Pérez de Cuéllar played in trying to achieve an agreement between the two countries.


Posted in Falklands/Malvinas War, Javier Pérez de Cuéllar

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