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Interview with: Jean Paul van Bellinghen

4 Mar 1991 Pt. 1 (29: 55)
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4 Mar 1991 Pt. 2 (29: 54)
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4 Mar 1991 Pt. 3 (31: 13)
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4 Mar 1991 Pt. 4 (30: 53)
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4 Mar 1991 Pt. 5 (27: 25)
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4 Mar 1991 Pt. 6 (30: 40)
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Jean Paul van Bellinghen served as part of the Belgian Delegation to the United Nations from 1961 to 1962. During the Congo Crisis, he was working at the Belgian Embassy in Washington, D.C., dealing with economic matters and played a critical role in public information and with the American press. Here, in the interviews conducted on 4 and 5 March 1991, Mr. van Bellinghen discusses the Congo Crisis from a Belgian standpoint. He shares his defense of his country in the quick independence of the Congo, his evaluation of the United Nations mission, and the problems that made Congo independence difficult.


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