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Interview with: Oliver Lundquist

19 Apr 1990 Pt. 1 (25: 8)
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19 Apr 1990 Pt. 2 (25: 6)
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19 Apr 1990 Pt. 3 (7: 46)
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(United States of America, 1916 – 2009)
Architect, Industrial Designer

Oliver Lincoln Lundquist was an American architect and industrial designer who led the team which was responsible for the design of the United Nations emblem.   At the request of the organizers of the San Francisco Conference, the U.S. State Department asked the Office of Strategic Services to help create all the graphics for the historic 1945 San Francisco Conference at which the United Nations Charter was drafted.  Mr. Lundquist headed the team of designers tasked with creating an identifying lapel pin for the delegates.  Mr. Lundquist attended the San Francisco Conference as a part of a team sent to the conference to assist in providing logistical support for the 1945 Conference.  He later returned to private practice in architecture and design by architecture and became a partner in the firm Van Der Lanken & Lundquist and Lundquist & Stonehill.

The interview was conducted on 19 April 1990.  Mr. Lundquist discusses how he became involved with designing the United Nations emblem, as well as the early beginnings of the United Nations.


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