UN Security Council Mission of Inquiry into Greek Frontier Incidents - Part 1

UN Security Council Mission of Inquiry into Greek Frontier Incidents - Part 1
SILENT 01-Jan-1947
UN Security Council Mission of Inquiry into Greek frontier incidents visiting France, Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, and Geneva.
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Shot list:
35mm Pix Dupe Neg. – January 1947:
1. Toulon Harbour, France. Crates with equipment from UNHQ, Lake Success, being unloaded from trucks and loaded aboard SS Georges Leygues (cranes marked: “United Nations, Athens, Greece”);
-Members of U.N. Mission boarding ship, conversing on deck during trip. Ship arriving at Athens. Members of mission watching shore line from ship, disembarking, going ashore on small motor boats 133 133;
35mm Pix M.P. – January – April 1947:
2. Exteriors of Acropole Palace Hotel in Athens, Headquarters of commission. Members of Bulgarian delegation testifying before commission. Commission entering chamber, taking seats, conversing. Commission in conference. Medium close ups of various members of mission – (npls. France, U.K., USSR, U.S.);
3. Prison camp near Salonika. Crowd of guerrillas (prisoners) behind wire fence shouting and clapping. Commission interrogating some prisoners in prison courtyard. Various condemned men testifying;
4. Several members of commission (special team) making field trip in order to contest guerrillas near Albanian border. Commission travelling by jeeps, mules, passing villages, interrogating villagers, watching memorial monuments for men who lost their lives at hand of partisans. Groups of heavily shrouded widows weeping. 510 97;
5. Commission passing villages; people, children cheering. Members of commission on road, making contact with partisans. Women partisans. Partisans performing folk dances for commission. Members of commission on mountain top overlooking border. (Sitting on grass, examining maps). Yugoslavian mountains in background. Commission Interrogation of survivors. 726 216;
6. Commission crossing Yugoslavian border. Frontier posts. 820 94;
7. Commission interrogating villagers. Angry crowd shouting outside building. Commission in conference in Hotel Bulgaria, Sofia. 839 19;
8. Geneva, Palais de Nations. Exteriors of buildings. Commission in session in Geneva after completion of field trip. 910 71.
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