68th, 72nd, 73rd Plenary Meetings of General Assembly: 1st Special Session

68th, 72nd, 73rd Plenary Meetings of General Assembly: 1st Special Session
ORIGINAL 28-Apr-1947
The General Assembly admits Siam to the UN, is visited by the President of Mexico, and discusses the Palestine question at the 68th, 72nd, and 73rd plenary meetings of the 1st special session.
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Shot list:
68th Plenary Meeting – Ceremony of Admission of Siam to UN. 28 April 1947 – Silent:
1. Prince Wan Waithayakon (Siam) walking up and taking seat on podium – tilt up to president table with President Oswald Aranha (Brazil) speaking 73 73;
2. M. Asaf Ali (India) walking up podium speaking from rostrum (welcoming Siam) 110 37;
3. Prince Waithayakon speaking from rostrum 145 35;
4. Delegation from Siam (npl.) on floor listening (incl. Prince Waithyakon) 178 33;
5. Delegation from Saudi Arabia (national costumes) on floor (listening, in conversation) 186 8;
6. Leader 188 2;
73rd Plenary Meeting – Palestine Question – 3 May 1947 – Sound Coverage:
7. Alfred Fiderkiewicz (Poland) speaking (advocating granting a hearing before GA to representative of Jewish Agency) 343 155;
72nd Plenary Meeting – President of Mexico Visiting General Assembly – 3 May 1947 – Sound Coverage:
8. President Aranha welcoming Mexican President in Spanish 442 99;
9. President of Mexico, Miguel Aleman walking up podium. Standing ovation. President Aleman addressing Assembly in Spanish. End of address, applauds 647 205;
10. Hassan Pasha (Egypt) speaking (“a solution must be found”) 719 72;
11. Warren R. Austin (U.S.) speaking (against granting a hearing to non-governmental organization). 800 81.
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