68th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 1st Special Session

68th Plenary Meeting of General Assembly: 1st Special Session
ORIGINAL 28-Apr-1947
The General Assembly votes for president and is addressed ny temporary president and by newly elected president at the 68th plenary meeting of the 1st special session.
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Shot list:
1. gv, Assembly Hall 12 12;
2. mc, mcu, Temporary president Fernand Langendove (Belgium) asking for election of new president (in French) 25 13;
3. ms, Nazrollah Entezam (Iran) and General Carlos P. Romulo (Phillipines) acting as teller at ballot box. Delegates placing their ballot papers into ballot box (among delegates Hershel Johnson from U.S.A, Faisal Al-Suad from Saudi Arabia) – (national costume). (See also shot #9) 42 17;
4. mcu, Oswaldo Aranha (Brazil) taking chair as President 1st Special Session Applauds 55 13;
5. Pix and sound interruption 69 14;
6. ms, Exterior of Flushing Meadow building, New York. Various delegates arriving by automobiles. (Sir Alexander Cadogan – UK, Faris El-Khouri – Syria, Saudi Arabian delegates in national costumes, Warren Austin from U.S ., others) 134 65;
7. mcu, Ditto #2. Sir Alexander Cadogan voting 153 19;
8. mcu, Repititions of shots 4 and 2 (different angles) 180 27;
9. Temporary President addressing G.A. in French 415 235;
10. mcu, Ditto #3 468 53;
11. mcu, cu Temporary President announcing result of vote in French 585 117;
12. ms, mcu, cu, President Aranha addressing assembly. 900 315.
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UN Photo/MB
Fox Movietone News; Producer
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Black and White
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