689th Meeting of Security Council

689th Meeting of Security Council
ORIGINAL 31-Jan-1955
The Security Council discusses the question of representation of China at the 689th meeting.
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Shot list:
1. ms, mls, mcu, Several silent shots before opening of meeting - Various groups of delegates in conversation (including A. Sobolev from USSR, Henry Cabot Lodge from US, Selim Sarper from Iran, Henry Hoppenot from France, Fernand van Langenhove from Belgium, Tingfu F. Tsiang from China, UNSG Dag Hammarskjold and others). Press photographers taking still pictures. 166 166;
2. ms, President (npl) Sir Leslie Munro (New Zealand, npl) calling meeting to order and recognizing USSR representative on point of order. 196 30;
3. ms, A. Sobolev (USSR, npl) speaking in Russian. 303 107;
4. mcu, Tingfu F. Tsiang (China) speaking. 322 19;
5. mcu, Henry C. Lodge (US, npl) speaking. 358 36;
6. mcu, Sir Pierson Dixon (US, npl) speaking. 486 128;
7. mcu, Selim Sarper (Turkey, npl) speaking. 510 24;
8. mcu, ms, President Munro speaking on proposals made by USSR and USA and asking for vote on priority of USA proposal. 609 99;
9. mls, Pan along table during vote by show of hands on priority of USA proposal - President giving result of vote. 657 48;
10. ms, President Munro (npls) asking for vote on USA proposal. 683 23;
11. mls, Pan along table during vote by show of hands. 731 48;
12. ms, President Munro (npl) giving result of vote. 751 20;
13. mcu, President Munro speaking on agenda. 845 94;
SOUND: S/PV. 689.
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