756th Meeting of Security Council

ORIGINAL 12-Dec-1956 00:11:21
The Security Councils admits Japan to membership in UN and Mongolia applies for admission to membership in UN at the 756th meeting.
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Shot List:
1. mcu, President Victor Belaunde (Peru) opening meeting in Spanish. President Belaunde paying tribute to retiring President of Council Nasrollah Entezam from Iran 148 148;
2. mcu, Henry Cabot Lodge (U.S., npl.) speaking on admission of Japan to membership in U.N. (out of focus) 322 174;
3. ms, Tingfu F. Tsiang (China) speaking (rear shot, out of focus) 382 60;
4. mcu, Sir Pierson Dixon (U.K., npl.) speaking 417 35;
5. mcu, Arkady Sobolev (USSR, npl.) speaking in Russian 660 243;
6. ms, Sobolev, Sir Pierson Dixon, Lodge (npls.) voting by show of hand for admission of Japan 702 42;
7. mcu, President Belaunde giving result of vote in Spanish 714 12;
8. mcu, Sobolev (npl.) speaking in Russian (for admission of Mongolia) 748 34;
9. mcu, U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold speaking 822 74;
10. ms, Sobolev, Sir Pierson Dixon and Lodge (npls.) during vote on admission of Mongolia - Sobolev voting in favour by raising his hand. Sir Pierson Dixon and Lodge raising their hands (abstaining) 868 46;
11. mcu, President (npl.) Belaunde at presiding table (sound: result of vote on English interpretation) 885 17;
12. mcu, Lodge (npl.) speaking (explanation of vote) 949 64;
13. mcu, Sobolev (USSR, npl.) speaking in Russian (explanation of vote). 1022 73.
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