Economic and Social Council 9th Meeting of 2017 Session

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SIX OFFICIAL 26-Jan-2017 00:14:28
The Economic and Social Council today adopted two draft decisions on the theme of its 2017 session and on the dates of its upcoming coordination and management segments, as well as elected a new Vice-President.
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Adopting without a vote draft decision “Theme of the integration segment of the 2017 session of the Economic and Social Council” (document E/2017/L.11), the 54-nation organ recalled its decision that the topic of the integration segment of its 2017 session would be “Making eradication of poverty an integral objective of all policies: what will it take?”.

The Council then adopted without a vote draft decision “Coordination and management meetings of the 2017 session of the Economic and Social Council” (E/2017/L.12), deciding to change the dates of its first coordination and management meeting for 2017 from Wednesday, 26 April, to Friday, 28 April, to Wednesday, 19 April, to Friday, 21 April 2017.

The Council also elected, by acclamation, Jürgen Schulz (Germany), endorsed by the Western European and other States group, for the post of Vice-President for the remainder of the body’s 2017 session following the departure of his colleague Heiko Thoms. Mr. Schulz would be responsible for the humanitarian affairs segment of the 2017 session of the Council, scheduled for Geneva in June 2017.

At the meeting’s conclusion, a number of delegations expressed concern about a recent Council retreat, aimed at advancing its 2017 work and building synergies between United Nations bodies, to which some members had not been invited.

In that regard, the representative of Ireland expressed disappointment that his delegation had not been invited, stressing that such retreats were crucial to building closer working relationships between States. It would be unfortunate for the Council if the idea that “some members are more equal than others” gained currency, he said, expressing hope that all members would be afforded the same opportunity to participate in the future.

The representatives of France, Australia and the United Kingdom echoed that sentiment, underscoring the need for transparency and balance in all of the Council’s work.

The Economic and Social Council will reconvene at a date and time to be announced.
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