UNTV Highlights: 1986 August 11-25

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UNTV highlights of events coverage at the United Nations Headquarters from 11 to 25 August 1986.
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Closing Celebration of Bike-Aid '86 - 1986-08-11:
1. Executive Director James Grant, UNICEF, explains how funds raised would be spent and favourable ripple effect of the venture;
2. Deputy Mayor of New York City reads proclamation of Mayor E. Koch;
3. Presentation of certificates to cyclists;
4. Bike-Aid leader Nazir Ahmad thanks cyclists for their participation.
5. James Grant gives closing remarks. Cyclists pose for picture-taking.

Meeting of the Special Committee on Decolonization on Puerto Rico held at the UN Trusteeship Chamber - 1986-08-13:
6. Chairman of the Special Committee of 24, Oscar Oramas-Olivia opens meeting, speaking in Spanish;
7. Andres Aguilar (Venezuela) speaking in Spanish on Puerto Rican right to self-determination;
8. Rita Zengotita speaking in Spanish on behalf of the “Comite Unitario contra la Represion y por la Defensa de los Presos Politicos” deplores alleged United States undeclared war against Puerto Rican independence;
9. Carlos Gallisa speaking in Spanish on behalf of “Partido Socialista Puertoriqueno” notes seeming dual policy of the United States towards Puerto Rico as a colonial territory on the one hand and self-governing on the other;
10. Juan Mari Bras representing “Comite Puerto Rico en la ONU”, speaking in Spanish, urged other members to be present when draft resolution on Puerto Rico was tabled for voting;
11. Cutaway and panning shot;
12. Rev. Juan A. Vera speaking in Spanish on behalf of “Movimiento Ecumenico Nacional de Puerto Rico” urging the United States to "decolonize" Puerto Rico;
13. Oscar Oramas-Oliva (Cuba) speaking in Spanish says his government condemned United States domination over Puerto Rico;
14. Rev. Jesse L. Jackson of the National Rainbow Coalition says the United States must conduct peace initiatives in Puerto Rico, Central America and South Africa and a new political reality must be created without outside pressure.

Meeting of the Special Committee on Decolonization on East Timor held at the UN Trusteeship Chamber - 1986-08-15:
15. Cutaways and wide shots while chairman of Special Committee speaks;
16. Amin Rianon (Indonesia) says decolonization of East Timor bas been carried out according to UN resolution. East Timor now enjoys political freedom;
17. Pedro Joao de Azevedo Davane (Mozambique) says problem of East Timor is responsibility of the UN and the Secretary-General should continue to find solution to the problem;
18. Joao Luis de Jesus (Cape Verde) says cause of self-determination and independence of East Timor should not be disregarded;
19. Satsuki Eda, Petitioner, member of the Japanese Parliament says that people of East Timor should be included in finding a solution to their political problem;
20. Toko Diakenga Serao (Angola) speaking in French hopes that Indonesia would reverse its position on East Timor;
21. Lien Soei Liong, Petitioner, says East Timor is run by Indonesia;
22. Sydney Jones, Petitioner from Amnesty International cites Indonesia's failure to curb its nationals from committing torture against East Timor;
23. Pat Walsh, Petitioner from Australia Council for Oversees Aid says his organization was alarmed to learn of the UN proposed observation of Indonesia's elections in East Timor;
24. Jose Ramos Horta, Petitioner representing FRETILIN (Revolutionary Front of Independence of East Timor says FRETILIN had strong presence in East Timor. One third of the population of that territory has perished as a result of Indonesian invasion of 1975.

Press Conference of Permanent Representative of USSR Aleksandr Belonogov - 1986-08-19:
25. PR A. Belonogov (USSR) announces that his country was extending moratorium on nuclear explosions up to 1 January 1987;
26. He requests that round of talks with USA was not successful. USSR is ready for all forms of verification and control;
27. Cutaways as Mr. Bologonov speaks;
28. In answer to a question Mr. Bologonov says that USSR was always in favour of strengthening the UN in world affairs especially now that international situation was worse (as far as justification of nuclear is concerned).

Ambassador for Peace (Japan Children) at the UN - 1986-08-21:
29. Japanese children from Hiroshima Prefecture: N. Okayasu, K. Sakamori, H. Watanabi, T. Ogawa accompanied by their interpreter cum spokesperson arrives at office of Jan Martenson, USG for Disarmament Affairs. Ms. Keiko Doi from the Educational Committee of Hiroshima Prefecture introduces the children;
30. Children present gifts to Mr. Martenson who gives short speech interpreted to the children by Ms. Doi;
31. USG for Public Information Y. Akashi receives children in Boardroom and accepts their gifts;
32. Children take guided tour of Hiroshima Exhibit.

Noon press briefing by Spokesperson Joe Sills - 1986-08-25:
33. SG Spokesperson Joe Sills extends SG's sympathy to the victims of Cameroon's disaster;
34. Joe Sills describes the circumstances for the arrest of Gennady Zakharov (Ukraine), a scientific affairs officer assigned to the UN Centre of Disease and Technology, as alleged Soviet spy;
35. Cutaways on journalists.

Press Conference of Ministry of Defense of USSR V. Kotuzhansky - 1986-08-27:
36. Cutaways and wide shot of Press Conference.
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